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Misplaced headlines

After viewing the headlines on the front page of The Aspen Times on Tuesday, I feel compelled to comment on what I consider misplaced importance of coverage.

The “Official jet, ‘official’ trip?” story which detailed the most recent shenanigans of yet another Enron participant was definitely in the lead. The smaller, left-hand corner was given to the passing of the beloved Dorothy DeLay. The prominence of her story was even smaller than that of the commercialization of Aspen’s water (though she did at least make the front page).

Dorothy DeLay has been a positive force in the Aspen community for as long as I can remember. My family arrived here 30 years ago. We each had our dreams.

Freedom and skiing was my husband’s. Wearing hiking boots to school was a major draw for our youngest daughter. Our oldest daughter would rather have stayed with her friends in California, but she did think the (then) new high school on the hill was pretty cool. It was the lure of the Aspen Music Festival for me, and it has remained so throughout the years.

Dorothy DeLay personified what it is all about: the sound of music in Aspen (now in the winter as well as the summer months), the dedication to violin students and in educating the community through the open master classes and her presence at so many performances. Even the economy of the town has thrived because of the Music Festival and the celebrity of such a renowned teacher.

I personally couldn’t care less about the comings and goings of the Enron people (though I appreciate their misdeeds being exposed). They bilked their employees and have negatively impacted the nation’s economy. In extreme contrast, Dorothy DeLay contributed to the beauty of the world. The blaring headlines should have been about her.

Jane Click


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