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Misled by RFTA

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Times article (Friday, March 30) about RFTA aiming to please with its bicycle service is a bit ironic, given what happened to me the other night.

I recently rode my bike from Aspen Village to Aspen. I got into Aspen and went straight to Rubey Park to see if I could take a bus home with my bike. They said that I certainly could, so I decided to stay in Aspen for dinner.

After dinner, I went back to Rubey Park to load my bike and get a ride home. Upon my return they told me that I could NOT load my bike. When I asked them why I was told that I COULD take the bus home with my bike, they informed me that you can only load your bike until 7:30 p.m. This would have been good information for me to know before dinner, but now I was stuck with my bike and no way to get home, and it was too dark to ride it home. I ended up having to call a friend and interrupt their evening to beg for a ride home.

When I read today’s article, I saw that there was no mention of this 7:30 p.m. curfew. I wonder how many people, like me, get stranded because of this. If RFTA really wants to please, they should consider finding a way to carry bikes after 7:30, because getting caught after dark when the temperature drops is no fun at all ” especially when you are led to believe that you have an option that doesn’t exist.

Paul Dankers

Aspen Village