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Misled and misinterpreted

(This letter was originally addressed to Carolyn Sackariason, regarding her column, “Lessons in respect, responsibility” that ran Tuesday, Jan. 2)Dear Editor:I was disappointed to read your column yesterday about my ordeal on Aspen Mountain on Dec. 8. When you e-mailed me for your article, I had no idea I was dealing with such a lying and back-stabbing literary buffoon. I was certainly fooled by your feigned concern for my welfare and did not realize your nefarious intentions. I quote your original e-mail to me:”I am the journalist from the Aspen Times and plan to write a column about this incident and the closure signs for this week. Have you heard from anyone from SkiCo? How did your surgery go? You might want to check out today’s Aspen Times front page article regarding the recent avalanche. The comments made by the executives are interesting. Two more questions: Do you plan to sue? And I would like to use this letter to Mr. King as part of my column. Is that O.K.?Thanks. I hope you are doing well.Carolyn Sackariason”I responded to you with alacrity and honesty. You posed the questions. Not me. You ignored my phone messages, however, I finally did get the following e-mail reply from you: “I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, things have been hectic with the holidays and deadlines at the newspaper. Thank you for your reply and answers to my questions. My column will be out on Tuesday and the gist of it is that while skiers always need to take responsibility (skier’s safety code) common courtesy should be alive and well. Litigation is usually never the answer. Skico should take a look at its policy of closures nevertheless.Good luck,Carolyn Sackariason”Unfortunately, the gist of your article was nothing of the sort. You don’t even know me, nor did you even try to find out anything about me as a person before printing this slander. If you had done your due diligence, you would have called me back to speak to me personally. Instead, you attacked my character, my intelligence and my morality without a shred of credible evidence. Why don’t you get the facts right before you spew your venomous opinions? First, I spent seven hours on the mountain fighting for survival, not four. Since the incident, I have spent my time in surgery, recovery, rehab, and getting back to work and being with my family. You made it seem as if I’ve been sitting at home and pining away about a lawsuit against Skico. You are the one who asked me if I am suing. Actually, it is none of your business. You distorted the facts to suit your advantage. Perhaps if you had returned my calls, you would have realized that I am not that kind of person. I am happy and grateful to be alive. However, I strongly believe that I never should have been put into such a life-threatening position, as Skico, through their negligence, put me in. You should have gone up to Lud’s Lane and taken a look at the area yourself.Lastly, I have never come across any respectable professional writer who uses the word “bonehead” to describe someone. Perhaps you live in a fantasy world where large corporations do not need to be held accountable when they put the public in danger. This country would be a much worse off place if we all espoused your ideals. I’m sure that Blake Davidson’s family would agree as well.Larry Miller, M.D.New York, N.Y.