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Misguided pool ideas

Dear Editor:

Toni Kronberg’s letter in the March 13th edition prompted me to write this letter about the future ARC pools. Sorry, Toni … I don’t see a wave rider as an appropriate piece of equipment to train for anything. And anyway, the City Council decided that no, a grotto-type jump would be better. Who is suggesting these ideas? Some sales person, I assume, who knows that the people they are trying to sell to have no clue about pools.

I am wondering, thanks to a regular patron of the ARC pool, where are swim meets and the triathlon going to be staged? In the parking lot? Where are summer birthday parties going to be?

Again I ask, why is it that new pools will be built after only one vote and the Entrance to Aspen has had several votes and still is not settled.

I feel that the mayor and City Council have their priorities mixed up. Someone throw them a life jacket before they drown in their ignorance.

Kim Vieira