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Misguided nostalgia

Dear Editor:

Several letters recently submitted to the Times wax poetic of the “lost” Cantina, recalling with aching nostalgia the “good ol’ days” at the watering hole. Well, having been one of the Cantina’s original patrons beginning in 1986, when locals were no longer welcome at the J-Bar, I continue to slump honorably bar side at the Cantina almost every day.

For the record, the good ol’ days still rule, and the place generally hasn’t changed much at all – and neither has, the ummmm … clientele.

The new management, which includes my son, Aidan, are all longtime locals (close to 30 years or more each); in fact, Aidan was born in Aspen in 1977, so he’s really hard-core. In any case, being able to walk in and buy the barkeep a drink was never a given in the past, since the bartenders could easily be offered several drinks a shift. (My other son, Brendan, slung gin at the Cantina for quite awhile, and if he had accepted every drink proffered, he’d be pushing up daisies by now.) Unmentioned in said letters is the accepted honorarium of a shot in return, which would lower the well even deeper.

I would suggest the letter writers instead turn their melancholy to the recent passing of local haunts such as the Steak Pit and the Double Dog, which are real losses over which we can all grieve.

Tracy Wynn


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