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Misguided and out of touch

Dear Editor:

The following is addressed to Mr. Carlos Zaldivar and his misguided letter to the editor “Questioning Skico’s HR priorities” (Aspen Times, Aug. 12). I present the following in “bullets” format, so it is easily understandable and emphasized.

– “Misguided” because you are “having or showing faulty judgment or reasoning” ” Macintosh Dictionary (Mac.)

– Are you angry about the Ambassador uniforms or domestic partners receiving benefits? You must pick your battles, fight one fight at a time, don’t fight half-assed, and stand for something or fall for anything.

– Silent Majority: “many individuals that are too afraid to speak up for themselves ” a.k.a. “PUPPETS.” Norm.

– Layering: “the action of arranging something in layers.” Mac.

Your misguided, Christian-based, narrow-minded, stereotyping, self-centered, conformist viewpoint has no backbone! Like an evil serpent that gave Eve the Apple that Adam ate!

If your upset about HR’s decision, you are out of touch with modern-day society. If you do not like the decisions then you are more then free to acquire your own health provider and volunteer at another mountain. Domestic Partner Weekend (Gay Ski Week) is a huge economic boost for Aspen. Or is the “silent majority” also blind!?

Ambassadors work approximately 19 weeks per season, and 8-hour days multiplied by $10 per hour (if you were paid) equals $1,520 ” more then the cost of a two-day pass. I’m betting ambassadors ski more then two day per week. It is volunteer, not mandatory.

Again I offer the following “bullets.” Punny, I’m lyrically shooting you down using bullets: “a small solid circle printed just before a line of type, such as an item in a list, to emphasize it.” Mac.

– It never rained after Dec. 12, 2007, once Buttermilk opened. We set records for snowfall, not rainfall!

– If by chance it did rain: Layering! You’re smart enough to work 19 days for a free pass, you should be aware of the layering system that the silent majority of all mountain communities are raving about! Polypropylene, Smart Wool, Gore-Tex, etc.

– Colorado will never see “the worst conditions, weather-wise, known to man” quote! Fairbanks, Alaska, has the widest temperature range in the world: Highest temp ” 99 degrees, lowest temp recorded ” 66 degrees below zero. Go cry an Alaskan glacier river, Carlos, or give Durango Mountain Resort a try.

– One complaint makes not a squeaky wheel. If you did not know: the squeaky wheel gets the grease! If your uniform is really the stick in your aspen, then make inter-office comments to your superiors before misguidedly airing your dirty laundry in the public form. Trust me, I know. I work for ASC, put in a lot more than 19 days a year for my pass, and tune skis free with your benefit “Free Tune Voucher” that all employees get. Did I get a “Free Tour of BM w/Carlos” voucher? No!

– If you’re getting “sick often and more than usual than with previous uniforms,” get a full-time job with ASC. You will get some sick days with your benefits, and so will the other “domestic partners” of non-volunteer workers. Try a healthier diet, more fruits and vegetables.

“Do what you want, until something makes you want to do different” ” Norm’s mantra. Please don’t cry and complain about choices you make. Best of luck with the 2008-09 volunteer season, Carlos.

John Norman


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