Minimum Wage adventures in Avon |

Minimum Wage adventures in Avon

Wren Wertin

Watching Jonathan Bricklin film “Minimum Wage,” is more fun than watching the Clinton adminstration follies.

During Wednesday’s shoot, the cast and crew descended on Copy Copy in Avon. When Sally Toledo, (Jenni Pulos) secretary to a personal injury lawyer, makes copies for her boss, she also makes a copy of her face. When her character is introduced, the half-blurred shot will show Sally in all her iridescent glory.

Also on the Wednesday agenda was Avon’s Subway.

“In the script, when Edgar (Chris Elwood) gets fired from his video store job, he interviews for the sandwich store,” said Bricklin. “We added a suggestion from Chris. We have him in a position where you order sandwiches, but he’s actually interviewing for the job. He talks about how he loves sandwiches, how it’s definitely the best lunch option, there’s really no other choice. When he was at the Museum of Modern Art, he saw a sliced avocado from five different angles, but no sandwiches. At the end of his spiel, Valeria says, ‘White or wheat?'”

Valeria, real-life employee of Subway, fluent in English and Spanish and an incredible good sport, submitted to the 20 takes. According to Bricklin, she’s going to be a break-out star.

“So some fresh new talent has already been discovered,” said Bricklin.

Having worked up an appetite, they all had a veritable feast of sandwiches, because, as we now know, sandwiches are really the only lunch option.

Thursday was spent at Nottingham Park. In one of the scenes, Sally presents Edgar with a polka-dot suit. The suit was sewn by Kira Rubin, who constructed it out of flannel sheets. Bricklin knew he wanted a polka-dot suit, but he didn’t know where he was going to get one. Rubin found the sheets, and was given instructions by Bricklin to make a suit “kind of my size.” She, with the help of Sandy Manning, did just that. The suit has almost evolved into its own character, as it fits Bricklin’s requirements for his characters: interesting, strange or both.

The Vail Daily will continue to cover the progress of “Minimum Wage.”

Wren Wertin can be reached via e-mail at or phone at 949-0555 ext. 618.

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