Millions of dollars pass Carbondale by |

Millions of dollars pass Carbondale by

Not being a mother or father of a town, and not one of the approximately 6,000 important voices in Carbondale proper. I live in the rural area known as Carbondale and call this home but without a voice on CRMP on July 15. For those of us who live in these rural areas trips to town must be made as efficient as possible. We can’t just pop in to the 7-Eleven for a candy bar and a soda.

One stop shopping is very important and economical. For this reason most of my money is spent, guess where, Wal-Mart, Kmart or the Glenwood Mall, anywhere I can get the most bang for the buck. A person can’t buy a pair of socks or underwear in Carbondale unless you want used ones. And as for one stop home repair it’s Grand Junction or the NEW Home Depot in Edwards so maybe we’ll boost their economy a little.

If Carbondale doesn’t want my money, they can keep their heads in the sand and watch the world go by. The one sided thinking that Carbondale is a destination location for shopping with the businesses available now is foolish.

Millions of potential dollars go down Highway 82 every week and pass Carbondale by and for no other reason other than there is no draw of efficient or economic shopping.

Most if not all service industry businesses know that spin-off from these stores drives income up. Without people, you have no business, no income and no tax base.

Carbondale cannot be placed in a time capsule or placed in a bubble with out growth, things become stagnate and die. We all don’t have the luxury of walking around town in sandals at any time of day banging the drums of no change.

Carbondale is the only place in the valley with the potential for growth and with some foresight, it could become the economic hub of the entire valley. As a worker bee, I believe in supporting my community at large and A.B.C. “Always Buy Carbondale” works for me just get me some place to do it.

And as for the outdated bridge and projected bottle-neck perhaps if those mothers weren’t dashing down to the Wal-Mart for their school supplies and household goods, traffic could be relived by shopping in our hometown. Don’t forget that this is larger than Carbondale the town, think of those with no voices as well!

Don Swan

rural resident

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