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‘Militia’ seeks members

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Gerry Terwilliger’s letter (“Ready, fire, aim,” Jan. 21, The Aspen Times).

Gerry, yes we do have a militia here on the Western Slope. We are called the Colorado Western Slope Militia. Our membership includes individuals from the entire Western Slope. We are seeing the complete inability of our government to protect us. If an attempt is made to overthrow our present-day leadership, we will be ready. We have individuals who can step in and fight for our freedoms and save the Constitution of this great nation.

Our present activities center on training. As any revolutionary force would take control of all types of media, we train extensively in smoke signaling.

This is how we will alert our membership to rise up and stamp out tyranny. We also are training individuals to pilot motorized hang-gliders equipped with our assault rifles using our large-volume clips. We have developed high-powered snowmobile engines for these machines as the weight of our ammunition is too much for their current Japanese-designed engines. We hope to have these machines capable of 45 miles per hour. Any rational, flag-carrying, real American can see the importance of these activities.

It is of course our hope that we can deter any engagements, as we strongly support restitution without violence.

I admired your rational thinking and look forward to your membership. Please contact us at http://www.cwsmilitia2013.com.

Ken Larson


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