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Miles has solutions

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Dear Editor:I have met U.S. senatorial candidate Mike Miles five times over the last year and found him to know the issues and have solutions. He has traveled the state over the past two years to talk to people and find out what concerns them.It is rare these days to find an intelligent, quality person who is willing to run for public office. What good is the name recognition Ken Salazar has if he is not going to vote with my concerns in mind.Miles has taken the time to go out and talk to folks. He graduated from West Point and studied International Affairs at Columbia, was a Ranger, a teacher, a principal, a diplomat in Russia and Poland (he speaks Russian) and worked for the State Department. Currently, he is an assistant school superintendent in the Colorado Springs area. Miles stands for universal, single-payer health care similar to what federal employees get. He said premiums for a family of four would go from $1,000 to $200-$300 by cutting down administration costs and buying in bulk. Salazar supports a system that would give small businesses $1,000 per employee so they could pay for the employee’s health insurance. That $1,000 would only cover a fraction of the cost. As an educator, Miles believes in accountability but opposes No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the voucher system. Salazar supports NCLB and limited vouchers. Miles’ strong environmental platform starts with a 20/20 program which means 20 percent of our energy needs will come from alternative or renewable fuels by 2020. Salazar has a questionable environmental record and has been known to give in to development and mining interests.Based upon his diplomatic experience, Miles did not support the invasion of Iraq. His plan for us to get out involves turning over contracting authority to the Iraqi people and putting them back to work. He said, “They can drive trucks.” Salazar supported the invasion and now wants greater international involvement.Please vote for the quality candidate on Tuesday – Mike Miles. Unaffiliated/independents can vote by declaring a party at the poll.Cathleen KraheCarbondale

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