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Midvalley bus stop that was scene of fatal accident will be relocated

A new bus stop is being built along the westbound lanes of Highway 82 at Sagewood, just left of the white car. Officials hope that by moving the stop closer to the light at Original Road, pedestrians will use the signal.
Scott Condon/The Aspen Times

A midvalley bus stop that has long been identified as creating an unsafe situation along Highway 82 is being relocated 12 years after a fatal accident.

The upvalley and downvalley bus stops at Sagewood will be moved closer to the intersection of Highway 82 and Original Road on the downvalley side and the highway and Original/East Valley Road on the upvalley side.

Passengers on Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses tend to try to dash across the busy highway rather than backtrack a few hundred feet to the stoplight and use the pedestrian crossing. They have worn a path in the grass in front of the Mid Valley Medical Center where they cross the highway.

Carlos Urbina, 67, was struck and killed by a car at the site when he tried to cross the highway at night Sept. 11, 2008. A RFTA official said at the time that the situation was a “bomb ticking out there.” Basalt police said it would be wise to relocate the stop closer to the light.

The bus stop was relocated a bit closer to the stoplight soon after the fatal incident, but not enough to change pedestrians’ travel patterns.

The bus stop is heavily used by residents of the Willits townhomes and the Aspen-Basalt Mobile Home Park and as well as patients of the Mid-Valley Medical Center.

The bus stop was essentially out in the middle of nowhere until the stoplight was added at Original Road in fall 2007.

The relocation of the Sagewood bus stop is part of a $1.6 million capital improvement project by RFTA to increase “connectivity” and comfort of bus stops at Aspen Village, Lazy Glen, Holland Hills, JW Drive in El Jebel, Catherine Store and Colorado Mountain College as well as Sagewood. The work also will improve accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In some cases, new concrete pads were poured for shelters. The shelters will be erected in September.