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Middle East peace

Dear Editor:

In the past few days, we have seen enormously hopeful changes in Israel’s policies toward its neighbors, the Palestinians, the Lebanese and the Syrians. Thanks to the mediation of Egypt, Turkey and Germany, the guns have fallen silent for the present, at least, and prisoners may be exchanged. One would expect all Americans, especially friends of Israel, to be loud in their praise.

Yet we have heard almost nothing from the self-proclaimed “friends” of Israel; the hardline hawks of AIPAC and the Christian far right have been largely silent. These hopes of negotiated peace and arrangements that serve the security and prosperity of everyone in the region don’t seem to please them.

I firmly believe that only such a peace serves the interest of our own country. I hope that in the next round of progress, we will be able to add the name of the United States to the list of honest mediators. I also urge all of Israel’s true friends in this country to speak up in support of further negotiation and further progress.

Mary Wilson