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Mick won’t sell out

Dear Editor:I have known Mick for over 20 years. Mick is the best candidate for mayor because he is highly ethical, he is the most experienced, he has a demonstrated commitment to all of the citizens of Aspen, and he has clearly explained his positions. Mick won’t sell out to special interests, and he will work for all of us to make Aspen the best place it can possibly be for everyone. Mick also loves animals, books, children, bikes, history, hockey, political science and skiing – which, for some of us, says it all.In contrast, the other three candidates have done little to explain their positions and relevant experience. The two former and existing council members were the ones who created the need for a moratorium because they apparently did not understand (or perhaps care about) the inappropriateness of the development that would occur through the infill legislation. Both of these former and existing councilmen were in office during the extraordinary Semrau-termed “construction stress” we now experience on a daily basis – yet, they did nothing to make life better for you or me.A vote for anyone but Mick is a vote for continued chaos, unchecked rampant growth, and a mayor who may incapable of saying “No!” to his/her friends and campaign contributors. Worse yet, a vote for any other candidate may result in the election of a mayor who lacks the ability to fully comprehend the implications of the pending development regulations. We are all counting the construction trucks inundating Aspen on a daily basis; Semrau and Torre already had their chance, and we all know what happened.Please vote for Mick. Let’s return leadership to a person who is experienced enough to lead Aspen for all of the people, all of the time, without any personal or economic interests.Chip ChilsonAspen

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