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Mick scolds

Dear Editor:

As I reflect on the past two years, what I dislike most about Aspen’s mayor is his obsession with scolding. There seems to be no instance when he’s not ready to scold those who voted him into office. Example: Instead of showing a sense of humor when the public applauds someone in a council meeting, the mayor even scolds the public for showing support of an idea.

Mr. Mayor, why do you think we must take ourselves so seriously that we can’t even demonstrate approval in a council meeting without being scolded like school children? You even scold fellow council members in public, which shows extremely bad form and a lack of respect for your colleagues. Were you scolded as a child so you think this behavior is acceptable? News flash ” it isn’t acceptable.

Remember the Bill of Rights and the right to free speech?

It’s never too late for New Year’s resolutions, so whether you are re-elected or not, I request you make a concerted effort to stop scolding anyone and everyone who may not agree with you. No one likes to be scolded. It creates an adversarial atmosphere, and it’s a very distasteful trait, not to mention showing an unacceptable arrogance on your part.

If you were asked to put one dollar in the “kitty” every time you scold someone, Aspen would have a new, large fund for social services.

Bottom line ” scolding is not acceptable behavior, and we ask that you stop scolding your fellow citizens. Thank you.

Susan O’Neal