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Mick is Mick " vote for him

Dear Editor:

Here’s why Mick Ireland is the best candidate for mayor of Aspen.

Mick is a multi-issue candidate, unlike Marilyn Marks and Andrew Kole, who are single-issue candidates. They just want to beat Mick.

Mick is incredibly well-informed. His knowledge of Aspen’s core issues and his legal mind are undeniably greater than the other candidates combined.

Mick is thorough. He was the only person in city government (elected or paid) who read word-for-word the documents submitted by the Lift 1A applicant. By doing this he uncovered changes from prior submittals that were never noted by the applicant.

Mick tells it like it is without sarcasm, fear tactics, or wiggle words. These are traits lacking in Marks or Kole.

Mick is Mick. We know what we will get. That’s why I voted early for Mick.

Lindsay Smith