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Mick is bringing change

Dear Editor:Attention all skateboarders, recyclers and users of Rio Grande Park! Much to my delight and relief, things are definitely different in City Hall now that Mick is mayor! It’s apparent that Mick wants to do the right thing, not waste time, public money or abuse his constituents. Mick wants to uphold the freedom of speech and allow the public the right to voice their opinions so that solutions are forthcoming.For the first time in six years, public comment will be allowed during work sessions. On July 3, the City will begin the process for the design for the current recycling center drop-off location in Rio Grande Park with Mick as mayor accepting public comment. Yippee!I urge all those who want to see an expansion of the skateboard park and other recreational activities to come to the meeting so that the recycling center, skateboard park expansion and other improvements can be planned together. Meeting begins at 5 p.m. in City Hall.Toni KronbergAspen

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