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Mick a poor choice for mayor

Dear Editor:To my dismay, I learned that Mick Ireland is running for mayor. Bless his heart, there is a good reason people tried to recall him three times. The politest way to explain his ongoing conflicts with constituents is that his EQ (emotional quotient) is low.I do not know if he is afraid of people or is introverted, but his lack of people skills and the way he is always hiding behind his computer suggest a lack of desire to relate and get to know his constituents. Certainly this focus on data collection may be considered interesting from a councilman, but it is definitely a poor trait in a mayor.A mayor is an intermediary, a facilitator, a leader. The mayor controls the tone of a meeting. A good mayor will try to bring in all perspectives and most importantly, respectfully consider all points of view. The mayor’s actions allow the public, staff, applicants and other councilmen to propose new approaches and to have real dialogue and debate. Aspen is in desperate need for new approaches and solutions to what have become very old, “been there” problems.Mick’s style moves between inattention to condescension toward those whose needs he will supposedly be representing. His personal vindictiveness guides his public policy. If the mood of the audience or the vote starts to sway against him he uses his power to launch into lectures. And if that does not silence all opposition, then he is known to resort to yelling, ranting and intimidating anyone who dares to disagree with him. (Please remember when he told fellow Commissioner Patti Clapper to “eat shit!”) Even on his good days he comes across as oblivious and clueless.Clearly power and a desire to be in the public’s eye are the motivators for Mick’s desire to run for mayor. Feelings of public servitude, integrity or fairness do not guide his actions. I truly believe that Mick would make a terrible mayor of Aspen. We live in the United States of America, where it is unacceptable to have a mayor that stifles conflicting public opinion.Tim Semrau demonstrates the traits of a mayor through his integrity, professionalism, openness and desire to know his constituents when he served on council. Tim Semrau is the obvious choice for mayor.Brooke SolheimAspen/New York

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