Metcalf and propaganda? |

Metcalf and propaganda?

Take responsibility Mead Metcalf!Not everyone knows that you are the owner of the location next door to your fine establishment (Crystal Palace), but everyone should walk by and review the obviously biased propaganda you are peddling without taking responsibility for your work.I have been at nearly every meeting on infill from the P&Z level all the way through City Council. I have not seen you there once. Your willingness to falsely portray our community’s effort to increase the livelihood of our town should be embarrassing to you. You have hit all the issues we are concerned about – parking, view planes, height, transferable development rights (TDRs) – and not answered any with factual information from the code amendments as passed by P&Z.Let’s start with parking. Each zone district has parking requirements, which are as substantial as they have always been. The only difference is you actually have to build it now! No more cash-in-lieu. This means no developer may just write a check and avoid providing parking; it must be done. View planes: This is a good one. If you saw some of the view planes being saved versus ones not protected, you would be shocked. They have been discussed at many meetings and all persons on City Council are for view planes to stay if they are legitimate. Height: The height moves up two feet from existing, which is still no higher than the building you own. Many of the buildings in the downtown are higher than the newly formed regulations. Only density is changed. I could build 40 feet in downtown right now, but all I could build would be an elevator shaft since lot density is so low.Now TDR’s: If we gave everyone a TDR for underdeveloped parcels in the city then they would have little value to the public and therefore no value for our historical properties. It only pertains to historical properties to protect them. Don’t you want that Mead? Last I want talk about your ideas to do studies. They have been doing studies for years. Aspen Area Development Plan, Aspen Economic Sustainability Committee, and so on. Their suggestions are reflected all over the infill plan.If you feel so passionate about your point of view Mead, sign it. I’m signing mine.Peter FornellAspen