Messy vitality? |

Messy vitality?

Dear Editor

Like Maurice Chevalier, I’m glad I am not young anymore. The Aspen of my youth almost does not exist anymore! The fun, casual humor; the willingness to forgive and laugh at one’s self; the right to be silly; and pull harmless pranks ? Yes, the classless ‘hi-jinks’, too! Messy vitality?

The “would-be’s” and “wanna-bes” were laughed into changing their ways ? or going back to where such was the norm! Roger Marolt’s recent humorous letters with underlying morals would have made him a hero in most quarters! Maybe we should all move twenty-miles to Crested Butte and leave the pseudo-sophisitication and “big city ways” to the carpet baggers with deep pockets.

Still, maybe “Dubya’s war” and a good deep-recession might bring some sense of community back to our great town ? the 1893 “silver crash did!

Taylor Gamblin


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