Messy vitality of the Times |

Messy vitality of the Times

Dear Editor:Did you notice the letter to The Aspen Times (Aug. 25) that complained about how the building looks. Mean spirited because we need more messy vitality in this town not less. At a recent event held at the Times’ office, I was allowed a complete tour, what a marvelous building full of creative spirit, nooks and crannies, multi-leveled and fun. We must hold on to the spirit of the 60’s and the 70’s that abides in this building. At the (great) party held by the Times Friday, dog leashes were given out to all. The Aspen Times building is one of the few dog-friendly environments in town and I say, too perfect. New-timers to this town are trying to fashion Aspen into what they want. Some of us who have been here a while yearn for more and more messy vitality. Peace Aspen Times.Andy HansonAspen Highlands