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Messy vitality

Dear Editor:On Aug. 14 I attended the Aspen City Council session and listened about “the selective Aspen messy vitality” preferential treatment practices and unfair discrimination enforcement.Did the retail and restaurant business receiving special unfair business practices sanctioned by Aspen City Hall come out to support those downtown merchants being harassed by the city government? The answer is no.Did the Aspen Chamber Resort Association come out to support these unfairly treated downtown Aspen merchants? The answer is no.Where was the “catalyst chick” to help these harassed merchant princes? Probably dancing behind the Iron Curtain, she turned into a capitalist paradise, which is supposed to be her claim to fame.As for the restaurants’ contribution to “Aspen messy vitality,” there appears to be much greed and inconsideration of public space and sidewalks. Take the example of the inconsiderate Elevation restaurant completely blocking the sidewalk with its tables and chairs.”Aspen messy vitality” does include many inconsiderate bicycle riders traveling on Aspen sidewalks nearly running over people. These self-centered, pretentious bicyclists should be on the streets following the “rules of the road.”What’s up with this messy vitality madness, Doc? Oh, the Aspen City Manager is the Doc, ain’t he folks?As for the Aspen downtown business owners like Mickey Alper and “The Boogey Man Boogeying Down” Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass, put some lettuce in my hands, and I will organize you all into an achieving, well-disciplined merchants association and represent your best interests at city council sessions and city panel meetings. What do you think?Discriminated Aspen downtown business owners, you must think and act like that great American Baptist business tycoon John D. Rockefeller, Sr. If you cannot do it, then with your unconditional support I can do it for Aspen’s and your best interests. What do you think?Emzy Veazy IIIAspen/Bubank, Calif.


Old Powerhouse, Armory options aired

On Monday night, the City Council listened to ideas for each old building. However, nothing laid out what the community space would actually entail — only aspirations and gathered community comment.

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