Messages of hate

Dear Editor:

Over the years, your paper has published Lee Perkins’ letters of hate, and the one on Saturday was the stupidest one I have ever read. Most text is wrong, and the rest is why Mitt Romney lost – the Republicans and tea party don’t represent the people, and they will never change. Lee, you should sit on top of Mount Sopris and be the guru of hate! You hate every damn thing that comes your way. Do you hate waking up every morning? All the things you bitch about regarding President Barack Obama are the remnants of the Bush years. Two wars, 5000 military people killed, more than 20,000 wounded, the recession, and who can ever forget “Mission Accomplished” and the landing on the aircraft carrier. Your head is still buried in the sand, as it has been for years!

Lee, please lighten up because Christmas is coming and Santa will pass you by.

I’ll pray for you because you need help!

Chris Tessem



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