Mentoring matters |

Mentoring matters

Dear Editor:

Three cheers for The Buddy Program. We are so fortunate to have a resource like this in our valley. Last summer, though, when I was standing 40 feet up in a tree with my Little Buddy, Veronica, I did have to remind myself of that again. We were participating in one of the many activities that The Buddy Program puts together for us. This one was with Outward Bound over near Leadville.

Veronica and I were on a ropes course wondering how we would ever get down, swinging from tree to tree, all this following a day of rock climbing. We did get down of course, but not before realizing that we could accomplish a lot more than we ever would have imagined.

January is National Mentoring Month. I encourage everyone who would like to engage more deeply in their community and the future of our youth to get involved.

Kristin Jensen


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