Mentoring is a good thing |

Mentoring is a good thing

Dear Editor:It’s interesting to me that much seems to have gone by the wayside with regard to Mr. Benson. From the short time that I have been involved with the Aspen School District as a parent and substitute teacher, one of the district’s non-negotiables has always been professional development and mentoring. That concept, as well as the concept of a “professional learning community,” exists strongly kindergarten through grade 12.I fail to understand Mr. Benson’s umbrage at being offered a mentorship opportunity. I don’t believe that I’ve ever come across a teacher in Aspen who would either decline the opportunity to become better or refuse to help another professional grow. His hasty resignation gives the appearance of a lack of maturity as well as disinterest in the team that he has worked with so diligently. Would Mr. Benson or the community support a starting quarterback who quits when benched for a more experienced player that transfers to the district? What is the difference?The school board should be unwavering in its support of Dr. Sirko. It is patently unfair to tie one hand behind the superintendent’s back by not allowing her the ability to tend to the school district with accountability. It is also time to review once again the tenants of policy governance. It is not the board’s purview to “plan to formulate a more precise procedure for monitoring coaches in the future.” The day to day administrative duties of running the district belong to its administration. The board should also remember that sunshine laws require notice. On occasion of such an obviously contentious issue, Web and building notification is not adequate for the parents and members of this community.Perhaps at issue is the fact that Mr. Benson’s performance was never adequately reviewed. That is a policy matter which probably needs to be addressed and refined. But then if the goal is truly to provide what is in the best interest of the children, how could anyone ever walk away? Now may be the opportunity for Mr. Benson, Dr. Sirko and the athletic director to regroup and come to agreement on what is in the best interest of the children.Sandra M. PeirceAspen

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