Mentality must change for peace |

Mentality must change for peace

Dear Editor:

I also heard Galia Golan’s lecture on Aug. 25. Her organization, Peace Now, is a well meaning but naive group, as are letter writer Sue Gray’s opinions (letters, Aug. 30).

Both advocate the return of Israel to the 1967 line and removal of the “settlements” in order to bring peace. The only hope for peace is a change in the Arab mentality which refuses to accept the existence of a tiny non-Muslim democratic state on land formerly controlled by Muslims.

There was no peace prior to 1967 when the Palestinians could have easily created their own state. In fact, the Palestinians had 3 opportunities to create their own state: 1. following the recommendation of the Peel Commission in 1937 to divide the Palestinian mandate into two states; 2. following the U.N. vote to create two states; and 3. from 1949 to 1967 when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan and Gaza was occupied by Egypt.

There would have to be ironclad guarantees of Israel’s security in any peace settlement, otherwise the specter of a second “Final Solution” would loom over the State of Israel.

Harold W. Seifer

Lakewood, Calif./Aspen

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