Menconi one of the best

Dear Editor:I’d like to share some unsolicited thoughts about Commissioner Arn Menconi with the citizens of Eagle County. I’m a fellow county commissioner, just over the pass in Summit County, who has had the privilege of working with Arn the past four years. Arn is one of the best commissioners I’ve ever worked with. He is that rare breed of compassion, strength and intelligence that we sorely need in these very divisive times. You only need to spend a few minutes with Arn to know that he is genuinely interested in understanding your point of view and finding common ground from which to build consensus. That is a rare commodity in this day and age, but it seems to come naturally to Arn.Resort communities face unique challenges involving employee housing, child care and seasonal employment and Arn is one of the best in the business when it comes to finding common-sense solutions to some very difficult problems. His dedication and compassion to the citizens of Eagle County is unwavering. Arn understands the need to balance environmental safeguards with the rights of property owners, and his work at the state and national level has been to benefit the citizens of Eagle County, not any individual or special-interest group.Arn has worked hard for you the past four years. It’s hard to find a person who cares about his community and constituency the way Arn does. The citizens of Eagle County would be well served to re-elect Arn Menconi as county commissioner for another term.Bill WallaceFriscoSummit County Commissioner


Hanukkah has arrived in Aspen

Members of the valley’s Jewish community gathered at the Albright Pavilion at Aspen Meadows Thursday for their second annual menorah lighting ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the first day of Hanukkah.

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