Menconi: ‘I will not speed again’ |

Menconi: ‘I will not speed again’

Steve Lynn
Vail correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

WOLCOTT ” Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi was pulled over for speeding 11 mph above the speed limit along the same stretch of Interstate 70 where county officials want to lower it.

“I take full responsibility for my actions ” no excuses,” Menconi said in an e-mail interview. “I was being irresponsible speeding. I will not speed again.”

Police ticketed Menconi for going 86 mph where the speed limit is 75 in Wolcott while he was driving one of Eagle County’s Toyota Prius hybrids July 28, he said.

The police officer said Menconi had exceeded the number of points on his license and a friend had to come get him to drive the Prius and Menconi back to Eagle. However, the Department of Revenue found an error in some paperwork and Menconi got his license back, he said.

“I should not have had a suspension and all is in order,” Menconi said.

Menconi was driving from Eagle to Avon for an interview with TV8, a television station owned by Vail Resorts, he said.

Sgt. Shawn Olmstead of the Colorado State Patrol declined to release information on the speeding ticket.

“Honesty is the best policy,” Menconi said, adding that people have made a lot of allegations about him that were untrue and malicious.

Despite the ticket, Menconi said he supports lowering the 75 mph speed limit as long as the Colorado Department of Transportation recommends it.

“There are different recommendations from these agencies and the commissioners are attempting to get all of their views,” Menconi said.

Eagle County health officials and the Eagle County Public Safety Council, a group of people who represent law enforcement, fire and ambulance districts and other emergency services, want to lower the speed limit from 75 to 65 between Eagle and Edwards.

Menconi wants to lower the speed limit on Highway 6 from 55 to 45 between Edwards and Eagle to make the stretch of highway safer for bicyclists, he said.

“The issue of Highway 6 is more than just the speed limit being lowered,” Menconi said.

The highway is heavily used by bicyclists, has no shoulder and trucks carry loads heavier than the ones they carry on Interstate 70, he said.

“This is a very unsafe situation,” he said.