Memorial Day ceremony thanks |

Memorial Day ceremony thanks

Dear Editor:

What a grand ceremony this past Memorial Day, June 1, 2010. A beautiful day with no wind, no rain, and no snow: nothing but a Colorado bluebird day. I received many comments about the ceremony, and I must say, well-deserved. The following people made that happen, and I would like to recognize and thank them because they were the ones who made it work.

Thanks to the city streets department for the American flags on Main Street; they looked beautiful.

Thanks to the Pitkin County guys for the lovely look of the plaza, and to Mark for the flag traditions.

A special thanks to Jodi Smith (Pitkin County facilities manager) for the new bronze plaques on the walkway. Also, a thank-you to the commissioners for their continued support and funding.

Thanks to Mark for the new and improved sound system; it made a huge difference.

Thanks to the community safety officers for the traffic control on Main Street during the ceremony.

Thanks to Tom Buesch for the programs, artfully done.

Thanks to Pastor Dan Bosco for his well-chosen words of encouragement.

A thank-you to Commissioner George Newman for reaffirming Memorial Day with a proclamation of support and dedication.

Two special thanks: to Richard Sundeen for the beautiful trumpet pieces, and to our Norwegian vocalist, Jeanne Walla. Those two have blessed our services for many years with their music.

A heartfelt thank-you to the folks who stepped forward and shared their feelings and stories with the audience. That was very special.

Thanks to the Elk Lodge. Once again they provided us with a tasty barbecue.

And a big thank-you to Col. Merritt. Once a Marine always a Marine; Semper Fi.

Again, all of you are responsible for the well-deserved compliments about the ceremony.

Dan Glidden


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