Meetings everyone can attend |

Meetings everyone can attend

Dear Editor:Once again, I agree in part, and disagree in part, on Su Lum’s latest recommendations to City Council (“Keep the public in the meetings,” Aug. 1).I do agree that there are many citizens who watch Grassroots TV broadcast of City Council meetings. I hope we can expand that viewership to include interactive communication in the future.Meeting times are a problem. Ms. Lum is right that having meetings at night allows people with day jobs to attend. This is, of course, at the expense of those who work at night. Many of us work nights – witness the problem with parking at night. Many of my jobs here (journalism, design, restaurant work, bus driving) involved night shifts. Not all of us are 9-to-5 workers.A possible compromise would be to start at 3 p.m. so that citizens who work either day or night shifts could attend at least part of the meeting. This would also mean we would have a better chance of finishing before the night becomes late.I still believe Monday night is a crazy night to choose, worse than any other, but Friday night. Moving the meetings to a Tuesday schedule would give staff a chance to respond to weekend events, have its weekly Monday meetings and make any last minute changes or comments on the agenda.For many of us, Monday is the busiest work day of the work week, the day when we catch up from the weekend and put the new week together. It is a hectic day for most working people, the transition day from weekend fun to another week at work. For those who leave town for the weekend on business or recreational trips, it can be very hard to squeeze a council meeting into the schedule on Monday night.I welcome all of you to let me know at what days and what times are best for you. I will work whatever hours are best for staff and the public.Mick IrelandAspen mayor