Meet Your Merchant: Wrightson & Platt USA, LLC |

Meet Your Merchant: Wrightson & Platt USA, LLC

Aspen, CO Colorado

It started with two passionate artists in London who wanted to capture the precious moment of a newborn babies feet, and devised the technology for doing so. I then fell in love with their product when my first son was born and wanted to become part of the company dream as I shared their passion for the product.

A unique way of capturing life’s most precious memories forever. We make exquisite life cast sculptures in bronze, crystal, silver and gold, custom made from the hands and feet of newborns, toddlers and beyond. We are currently expanding our product line to include other alternative memory capturing products, like rebuilt shattered Mazel Tov glasses and artistically encapsulated Champagne corks that commemorate a special moment in time.

We learned that perseverance and a love for what you do can lead to new ingenious ways of overcoming the hurdles of hard time. Of course so can saving for a rainy day.

Don’t settle for ok; always consider how all members of the team will work together. If you misjudge, find a way to elegantly part ways, don’t let one bad egg ruin the good ones. Find ways to get people to give you more because they love to.

Finding hospitals and OBGYNs that share our vision of introducing our customers to new ways of preserving the memories we keep.

Here … is Aspen.

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