Meet Your Merchant: Burn Fitness Studio |

Meet Your Merchant: Burn Fitness Studio

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How did your business start?

I’ve always been an athlete, but my body’s limitations started slowing me down when I hit 40. With scoliosis and degenerative bone spurs in my pelvis, my pain eventually became unbearable. After the birth of my second daughter, my doctors and I agreed to two full hip replacements. Debilitating complications from the first two surgeries resulted in redoing both hips a year and a half later. After both operations, I was restricted from walking for about five months. It was miserable. After 20 years as a personal trainer, I was determined to apply what I knew about physiology and fitness to heal myself. Recovery was brutal, but after a little over year, my own rehab has helped me to be in the best shape of my life. This past year, as part of my rehabilitation, I fell in love with group fitness. I credit much of my renewed strength to the powerfully effective and internationally acclaimed methods used in today’s cutting-edge fitness platforms. When a gorgeously renovated yoga space in Basalt opened up, I knew it was my chance to create something all my own. With renewed clarity and some strategic direction, Burn Fitness Studio came together in just a few months.

What do you sell?

Ideal for busy professionals, commuters and parents, Burn Fitness Studio delivers integrated programs specifically designed to support a holistic and comprehensive approach to full-body fitness. BODYPUMP targets the big muscle groups with weights. HIIT and rip:60 offer high-intensity interval training focused on core, power and cardio. Booty Barre (coming in May) targets the smaller muscle groups to help tone, stabilize and strengthen. Fortify Your Frame and Vinyasa Yoga classes provide no-impact recovery, flexibility and “inside-out” strength training. All classes and programs are designed for all ages, all levels of fitness and properly integrate modifications to support injuries and medical restrictions.

What positive lessons did you learn during the recession?

I’ll never take anything for granted again.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

Burn Fitness Studio only employs highly trained fitness professionals with current certifications, licenses and insurance. They are all well-trained in nutrition and full-body fitness, hand-picked for their professional experience, non-competitive, friendly dispositions and dedicated commitment to customer service. The enthusiasm, dedication and skill of our people help to keep clients engaged and inspired seven days a week.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

We opened our doors mid-March with over 30 classes every week. We look forward to our official grand opening this May, when we’ll be adding Booty Barre’s internationally acclaimed program to our fitness lineup. Burn Fitness Studio’s focus this year will be strategic marketing to commuters and parents. Our full-service, family-friendly facilities include spa-style facilities with showers and a private TV room for kids. Our retail will grow to include apparel, nutritional supplements, skin care and other wellness products. Eventually, we intend to make our space available as a community venue for small events. We already have an outstanding sound system and the disco ball has been ordered. Once people learn about us, we are confident Burn Fitness Studio will become a hot spot of the Roaring Fork Valley.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

Entrepreneurs who live in the Roaring Fork Valley understand the level of perseverance and determination required to make something work. Despite the sacrifice and the challenges, there is nothing so gratifying as taking my passion and turning it into a viable business I can share with my community. Burn Fitness Studio is all about helping people to become stronger, healthier. It’s about building a better life and having fun. I feel so blessed and honored to connect with my community in such a profound and meaningful way.