Meet Your Liftie: Paige Blackman

Paige Blackman

Name: Paige Blackman

Hometown: Ashville, North Carolina

Lift location: Alpine Springs, Snowmass

How old are you? I just turned 30.

Where are you from? Ashville, N.C. I’ve been here three years. This is my fourth season.

When did you get to Aspen/what’s your Aspen story? An avalanche trapped me out here. I was out here visiting a friend when I was living in Denver and an avalanche fell on Vail Pass. I stayed for three days, then applied as a lift-op and got the job.

Why did you come here? I visited here six years ago, and when I saw Snowmass I said I’m gonna live and work there some day. It’s such a beautiful mountain.

Where do you live? I live down in Basalt.

What has surprised you about Aspen? Being from a small town I like having the culture here, but it’s just a little higher-end here.

When did you learn to ski/snowboard? I was in sixth grade, but I didn’t really start until I moved here four seasons ago.

What’s your best night out in Aspen consisted of? Going to Zane’s with my friends and having a few pitchers of beers.

What’s your most memorable interaction with a guest so far? I had a guest come through the other day and said, “You’re the hardest working liftie on the mountain.” That really meant a lot to me because I always try to make everything look nice, especially since it’s such a busy lift.

What’s your best tricks for staying warm? Dancing. If you see a liftie dancing, more than likely it’s because their feet are cold.

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