Meet Your Liftie: Nathan Marshall |

Meet Your Liftie: Nathan Marshall

questions asked by Kelsey Brunner
Nathan Marshall poses for a portrait while working at the Summit Express Lift at Buttermilk. Marshall has been a liftie in the area for three years and hails from the San Luis Valley.
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

Name: Nathan Marshall

Hometown: I am from the San Luis Valley.

Lift location: Buttermilk; Summit Express, Tiehack Express, and West Buttermilk Express.

What brought you to Aspen? I’ve been in Aspen the last three years. I guess I was sick of being a potato farmer.

Do you ski or snowboard? I do both! I started snowboarding at Never Summer at Monarch and I started skiing here three years ago.

Do you like skiing or snowboarding more? I like skiing better. I wreck pretty hard on a snowboard, so I can control it better on skis.

What’s your best night out in Aspen consist of? I stay at the Aspen Day Center up by the hospital and I get a good home-cooked meal up there. Yolanta’s pretty good about cooking meatloaf or we have steaks or whatever we can muscle up around the kitchen, so that’s my good night.

Have you had any good experiences with guests lately? You know it’s always a good experience out here. People are real friendly and we’re a family-friendly mountain.

Do you like working at Buttermilk over the other mountains in town? Yeah with the X Games and sometimes the kitchen gives us free burritos.

How do you choose the music to play at the lifts? I like usually what my boss likes, the classic rewind or vinyl rewind. The pop rocks or the ’80s or any of that.

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