Meet your Liftie: Brandi Lundquist |

Meet your Liftie: Brandi Lundquist

by Kelsey Brunner
Brandi Lundquist poses for a portrait while working at the Expedition Lift at Aspen Highlands. Lundquist moved to Aspen approximately a month ago and loves how happy everyone is that she meets.
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

Name: Brandi Lundquist

Hometown: I’m from Minnesota, but I moved here from New Orleans. I used to work in New Orleans, but it was just too hot and humid.

Lift location: Usually Cloud 9 or Loge, Aspen Highlands

What brought you to Aspen? I’ve been here about three or four weeks. The awesome snow and excellent company. When I interviewed with everyone on the phone, I talked to a couple of different resorts, and Aspen seemed the most welcoming. … They care about you and they didn’t even know me, so that was cool.

Have you had a great experience with a guest that stands out to you? Saying “good morning” in the morning and then you get to see them all day when you work some of the lifts. You can say, ‘Oh how was the run?’ and they tell you where the secret powder stashes are. Everyone’s super happy and so you get to be super happy and help them be happy.

Do you ski or snowboard and when did you learn? I snowboard, but I’m going to buy some skis. I’m thinking it would actually be kind of fun to ski out here. I learned to snowboard when I was 10 years old, so about 20 years ago.

What’s your best night out? (Highlands) Alehouse with all the friends, all the lifties. You get all the locals who you saw all day and you just create a family for like 4 or 5 hours then you go home and sleep then start it all over the next day.

What’s your best tricks for staying warm? Shoveling. Always shoveling.

How do you choose the music? I kind of just steal what everyone else does. So you know you try to get a little bit for everyone. Classic rock so everyone can sing along, you have dance music for the teenagers that don’t know oldie songs like that. You probably want some country in there. You want to mix it all up so everyone can be singing along.

Has anything surprised you about Aspen? Just how nice everyone is. How wonderful people are and how everyone just wants to be happy here. It’s just amazing.

Do you think we’ll see you next season? Most definitely. I’ve never been a liftie before and now I’m planning on moving out here for real.