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Medical choices

Dear Editor: Re: Mr. James March’s medical treatment in China (Aspen Times, Feb. 6), I was moved by the difficult choice Mr. March made in going to China for treatment of what is a relatively common illness. Indeed, if one has to pay cash for such treatment in the U.S. it is very expensive.However, another option for Mr. March would have been for him to have purchased medical insurance here. For a typical premium of approximately $300-$400 per month, his care could have been provided in the U.S. Additionally, he would have coverage for any other illnesses he may suffer from in the future.The biggest problem in seeking medical care in far-away locales arises if treatment complications were to occur. Issues such as the quality and range of facilities, the availability of needed equipment and medications and the qualifications and experience of the medical staff are much less certain than in the U.S. Quentin DurwardDakota Dunes, S.D.