Media missing anger at Bush |

Media missing anger at Bush

I get up to Aspen at times and see your paper when I am there. So I wanted to contribute this because it is a subject much on my mind.

I read the content and editorials of different papers and I just shake my head. There seems to be no conception of a general deep hatred of the Bush administration.

I do not find in newspapers or magazines a recognition of our level of aversion to the Iraq war, a war that should have been a cold war with the show of force and the inspections that would have kept Iraq as a buffer state, while we dealt with Afghanistan.

There is not enough media recognition of the duplicity of the Bush administration as they hire so-called environmentalists, who then exploit our beloved national parks and forests. We loathe the corporate thieves who praise free markets and then hire lobbyists to crush competition by government edict.

Witness the actions of drug companies and HMOs in their use of governments to bolster the costs of health care. The Bush administration is trampling on our child care programs, cutting funding to Head Start and foisting on us the “No Child Left Behind” program, putting unfunded mandates on local schools, thwarting real education.

We are now facing unheard of deficits, and devaluation of our money. The Patriot Act deprives us of basic rights. In other words, the Bush administration is arrogantly trying to take over our country as a private fiefdom, to the detriment of all but the robber barons, and the media generally seems not to have any basic understanding about how we are feeling about all of this.

Ward R. Anthony



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