Media madness |

Media madness

Dear Editor:

The First Amendment is, and should be, cherished. However, as we all know, the media carries this privilege too far.

The media has ruined the lives of many people by stretching the truth or sometimes even basing their propaganda on downright lies. Much of the truth that is written and broadcast should be private, in my opinion; that opinion is not shared by the media. I take it to an extreme: The publicity of Bill Clinton’s behavior in the White House was justified in most people’s minds. I think that it was carried too far. His lies should have warranted some punishment, but maybe his actions should be private (??).

The only way to punish the media is to not read, listen to, subscribe to or purchase the products that they advertise. On Sunday, Aug. 31, “60 Minutes” proliferated the most anti-American propaganda that I have ever heard (Michael Moore, are you listening?). They trashed our military as murderers for 15 minutes; some of what they said may have been true but some of it was made up. In any case, I do not think that a program like “60 Minutes” should be patronized.

For those of you who listen to Michael Con man, most of you with open minds should chastise him for his one-sided broadcasts. On Sept. 1, the Con man stated that he does not speculate on possible facts. Well, he embellished a lie concerning the private life of the governor of Alaska.

The media should be held liable for the trash that they spread to their listeners. To be called Con man is too mild, it should be Mr. Garbage. Why does my wife turn on the Con man program every morning? Answer: We don’t drink coffee, so at 70 and 75 years old we need some kind of stimulant in the morning to start our day. Michael’s lack of “justice,” of fairness and balance, provides a wake-up call!

Dick Fitzgerald


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