Meatless Mondays takes a ribbing |

Meatless Mondays takes a ribbing

Dear Editor:

A recent letter promoting “Meatless Mondays” as an environmental initiative is full of (tofu) baloney. (“Take the meat out of Mondays,” Dawn Shepard, Dec. 3) American farms are quite good at producing animal protein with a very low carbon footprint.

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency show that U.S. livestock production only accounts for 2.4 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. That makes U.S. animal agriculture among the most “green” on the planet.

Instead of chiding the carnivorous majority to give up bacon, vegetarian activists should put their money with their mouth is and invest in eco-friendly U.S. meat producers – especially those that can export their low-emission technologies and practices to less “green” countries around the world.

David Martosko

director of research, Center for Consumer Freedom

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