Meatless Monday was well done |

Meatless Monday was well done

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to Dawn Shepard, Martin Oswald, Randy Placeres and The Aspen Club for hosting the kick-off to Meatless Mondays in Aspen. The event was a well-attended, educational, inspiring and delicious evening that highlighted healthy alternatives to meat-based diets.

We’ve always known the health benefits of eating less meat but were amazed to learn about the environmental cost of meat production. As Dawn and Martin noted, removing meat from our diets for just one day a week would result in the equivalent reduction in carbon emissions as taking 25 million cars off the road for a year. Definitely something to think about.

Thank you, Dawn, Martin, Randy and the Aspen Club – well done!

Anne Gurchick, Bland Nesbit, Melinda Goldrich and Linda Koones