McWhorter: ‘Ecotopia’ is a pipe dream

Mr. Mooney’s letters read like a kindergartner lobbying for world peace where logic, reason, and basic human behavior is taken out of the equation.

His “ecotopia” will only come about after people are subject to a nightmarish dystopia since the only way to reach ecotopia is through force and control. Humans must be forced, through government mandate, to lower their standard of living since no person would pro-actively choose to reduce their standard of living. And that’s the main rub for climate warriors: People can’t be allowed to make their own decisions!

Unless nuclear fission becomes commercial or a new “clean” invention emerges, “ecotopia” is a pipe dream. And I will have the luxury of explaining to my grandkids (decades from now) how there were many people who thought the climate changing was a new phenomenon. Maybe even from my future beach front house in Palm Beach!

Chase McWhorter