McInnis is a con man |

McInnis is a con man

Dear Editor:

Watch how people who are courting you treat other people. Are they nice to their parents and sisters and brothers? How about ex-spouses and boyfriends and girlfriends? Co-workers, customers and clients? Cab drivers, waiters and waitresses? Because nobody’s special. How they treat those people is ultimately how they’re going to treat you.

If Scott McInnis will rip off and lie to “longtime” family friend Rolly Fischer and then blame Fischer for his (McInnis’) behavior, he will lie and rip off you, who he’s probably never met, or only met superficially at a political function.

Dr. Malik Hasan said in several media interviews, “I was disappointed both with the quantity and the quality of work he put into it. Now that I’m hearing even the small amount of work he put in – the news seems he may have plagiarized it – that’s a double disappointment.”

If Scott McInnis performed disappointing … “quantity and the quality of work for which he was paid $300,000,” the taxpayers and voters of Colorado can expect even less if he’s elected governor, which pays less, is much harder and he can’t fool Rolly Fischer into doing it for him.

Nobody’s special. If Scott McInnis lied and ripped off Rolly Fischer and Dr. Malik Hasan, he’ll lie and rip you off.

Nick Isenberg

Glenwood Springs

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