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McCrea was right on

Dear Editor:As a regular attendee at the Jazz Aspen concerts since their inception more than 10 years ago, I have to comment on the organizer’s comments in the press about how unprofessional Cake’s lead singer, John McCrea, was on Monday for insulting the guy in the green shirt when he flipped off the band.Over the years, I have watched the concerts from within the Very Important People section, as well as the General Public area, and it is in the latter where people enjoy themselves significantly more. Drinking Evian, lattes and gorging at gourmet buffet lines simply does not get anyone in the mood to listen to rock ‘n’ roll.Whilst Cake was playing on Monday, the V.I.P. section next to the stage was all but deserted, whilst the Unimportant People section was alive with energy, dancing, happy, laughing people listening to the band’s message.I can only imagine how it must be for the artists to play to two different subcultures separated by a fence, but I remember Steve Winwood and Joe Cocker making similar innuendoes over the years. I couldn’t help but think back to my years living in South Africa in the early eighties, when the rich and poor were separated by fences at public events.For God’s sake, John McCrea is a musician, like Dylan, Neil Young, Ziggy Marley, et al., and I lust for his comments on our white-bread culture, just as I would Sting, Mick Jagger or Bono.Let’s stir up the pot as often as possible, because exactly three years ago, when people from other cultures and countries attacked our country, I prayed that maybe we could figure out why so many other peoples hated us so much to do this to us. We need tolerance of others right now, not fear of other lifestyles.It was at the Royal Philharmonic Hall in 1968, when John Lennon (later to be assassinated by a crazed American), said “The people downstairs, please applaud, the people upstairs, please rattle your jewelry.” Right on, brother.I rode a hundred miles on my bike Saturday because I don’t want to trivialize what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Please, everybody, let’s preach peace, love, a little compromise and a lot less greed. The rainbow looks the same from either side of the fence.By the way, I calculated more than a million dollars in revenue from this weekend’s gate – what the hell happens to all that money?Martin SuthrenLiverpool and Aspen


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