McBride will tackle the tough issues |

McBride will tackle the tough issues

Dear Editor:

The most attractive towns throughout the Rocky Mountains are facing all the complexities and possibilities brought on by intense growth, limited geography, a delicate ecology and quickly changing demographics. Towns like Aspen, Vail, Steamboat and Telluride have wrestled with these issues, sometimes skillfully and in other instances, catastrophically. Today the once sleepy town of Basalt is facing the same tricky matters once considered the exclusive purview of her upvalley and upscale sister, Aspen.

That is why I am supporting Pete McBride for Basalt Town Council. A native of the valley, Pete has a perspective few, if any, of the other candidates bring to the table. He has been a direct witness to the changes we’ve seen in the Roaring Fork Valley since the time when workers still could afford to live near their jobs and the greenest meadows were just ranches, not a “lifestyle.”

Pete is young enough to bring energy to the job and old enough to bring wisdom born of his years living here and of his travels as a photographer for National Geographic.

It is beyond the scope of this letter to predict how he would vote on each issue, but I trust his judgment when considering the complex and competing problems that we’ll certainly face in the next several years. He has strong family ties in the valley, many friends, and a history of volunteering for various boards and athletic programs.

In short, he is a solid citizen with good judgment, intelligence, and a passion for saving what’s best about Basalt. Please make the effort to vote.

Mark Harvey



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