Mayor’s position consistent |

Mayor’s position consistent

Contrary to Melissa Mossberger’s letter (Aspen Times, March 5), I have not done a complete turnaround.

My current position on infill is consistent with my position in both the 1999 and 2001 mayoral election campaigns. I was a proponent of infill in both elections, and I am today.

However, that does not mean I support infill at any cost. Please know, I am acutely aware that approval of the Infill Project requires thoughtful and careful consideration.

I share concerns with other citizens about building height, view planes, town character and parking needs. This project will be subject to public input, scrutiny and discussion during the public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.

Nearly two years ago, the City Council appointed a citizens committee to study infill. These citizens were committed to their task and worked diligently with the city’s planning department to craft the infill proposal.

Now, I urge Ms. Mossberger, and all citizens who have concerns, suggestions, reservations, support or a need for more information to attend these hearings. Your participation is welcome and important.

Helen Klanderud

Mayor of Aspen

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