Mayoral candidates talk about their top priorities |

Mayoral candidates talk about their top priorities

To facilitate a proactive council that likes and respects one another ” a council that can focus on achieving goals that benefit the entire community. While civility might not be an issue to some, it is to me, and creating a win-win atmosphere, as opposed to our current close-minded, antagonistic, WE versus THEM mentality, is a major goal of mine. I believe new leadership will generate a new attitude, in which the community can work together to protect our small-town character, while we restructure our local economy to meet the challenges we face for the next two years.

Jobs, created by private sector, is the priority, and all subordinate priorities should advance that mission. The people with the resources to help create jobs must be drawn into the conversation to facilitate private enterprise solutions ” not shunted and discouraged as in the past. Aspen is the best positioned city in the U.S. for a swift recovery, if we tap into our underutilized resources of talent, capital and creativity. A leader with the confidence of employers and investors is required to initiate those efforts, with civility and respect. That is my skill set and passion. I’ve already begun those exciting discussions.

Taking steps to protect the environment, including encouraging residents and businesses to conserve energy and, ultimately, become energy producers with solar panels on-site that can sell power back to the grid. I will also continue to support public transit. I will look for ways to partner with and support local organizations that protect the environment or enhance our relationship with it. Protecting the environment is simply the right thing to do. It honors the traditions of our modern forefathers. And it allows Aspen to become a showcase of environmental responsibility for visitors from around the world who are increasingly environmentally conscious.

In order to reduce the tension and polarity in our community we should establish an environment of respect, tolerance and understanding. There should be an open courteous line of communication with the council, citizens, staff, second-home owners and guests. We must maintain the character, charm and integrity of our community that reflects the true spirit of our unique small mountain town. The City Council should establish an organizational vision with a blueprint for success. There is a need for a vertical and horizontal line of communication that is interlocking in scope so everyone may remain close-coupled in their efforts to address the critical issues facing our city today.

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