Mayoral apology

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I apologize to all who have been offended, hurt or outraged by my comments as reported in The Aspen Times on March 18 (Bariloche article) and repeated in two subsequent stories. I am sensitive to the issues raised by this article, and I understand the seriousness of this matter. If my comments conveyed otherwise, for that I am deeply sorry.

I have talked with many Aspenites, Jewish and non-Jewish; have met with Aspen Sister Cities; have requested a letter of explanation from Bariloche’s mayor; and am working with the Aspen Institute to provide a setting for a dialogue for members of the Aspen community to discuss this issue, and any other issues that might arise, in order for all of us to develop deeper understanding and sensitivity to each other’s beliefs, feelings, differences and points of view.

This issue is far too serious to be resolved by newspaper articles or letters to the editor. In fairness to Aspen citizens, Bariloche citizens and to Jews everywhere, we need to determine the facts in this matter, and make our decisions accordingly. I assure you, the city of Aspen will thoughtfully and thoroughly address this matter.

Furthermore, the city of Aspen will not tolerate any form of threat or discrimination, whether subtle or blatant toward any person of any belief, ethnic or national background that may arise from this matter or at any time.

Helen Kalin Klanderud


city of Aspen


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