Mayor endorses 1A |

Mayor endorses 1A

Dear Editor:

A yes vote on 1A, the Energy Smart Loan Program, opens the door for all local homeowners to finance improvements that will protect the environment, save themselves money and provide small-scale employment opportunity for local contractors.

The question is not a tax issue – those who borrow the money will repay the bonds. Whether you have a big house that could support a large array of solar panels or a small unit that needs a better, more efficient water heater and insulation, this program brings all of us together in support of our values.

I hate to use the hackneyed political cliche “win-win-win.” The term, if it ever applied, applies here, as the consumer, the environment and local workers can benefit by making money available for energy-saving investments through a yes vote on 1A.

About 1,000 ballots will be returned to the clerk undelivered this fall because the post office cannot forward them to changed addresses. If you have not yet received a ballot, please call the county clerk at 429-2713 or stop at the clerk’s office next to the courthouse on Main Street and get a new ballot which can be submitted on the spot.

Mick Ireland


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