Maybe they like the food here |

Maybe they like the food here

Dear Editor:

I’d really like to know who started the rumor, or told the lie, that there’s nothing in the high country for bears to eat. The hills are alive with a bumper berry crop, and there are as many thriving high country bears enjoying this abundant food source as I’ve ever seen. They’re fat and happy, too!

Town bears are in town because that’s where they choose to be, plain and simple. They’re conditioned to another abundant and readily available food source ” garbage ” not because there’s nothing to eat in their normal habitat, but because irresponsible people insist on feeding them, purposefully or not. Whoever is insisting on these “poor bears” having nothing to eat in their normal habitat is badly mistaken. It’s the same people, I imagine, who think it’s their right to encroach on the habitat of bears, deer, elk, coyotes, foxes, lions and all the other critters, and turn it into their own private petting zoo. Maybe we should feed the bears your poodles.

Jonathan Feinberg