Maybe it’s time for another bear hunt |

Maybe it’s time for another bear hunt

Dear Editor:I can’t believe you are still blaming the bear problem on Aspen (“Aspen’s wake-up call on bears, Aug. 8). The problem grows worse every year, and it’s not because we’re invading their territory. The bears are in our schools now. Here’s what’s really happening with those cute and cuddly bruins that grow up to be great hulking bears – THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM!We are now seeing to fruition voters’ wishes. Colorado some years ago severely cut back on bear hunting, in fact entirely eliminating one of the two yearly hunting seasons. The bears have virtually no enemies, and they’re proliferating. If this keeps up, they’ll be sharing the malls with us – or rather, they’ll chase us all out of the valley.Jon BuschAspen