Maybe I don’t get it |

Maybe I don’t get it

Dear Editor:

I remember going to the L.A. Museum when I was young. Incredible, the wealth of beauty and talent. I was impressed and still am after all these years.

I have yet to be impressed with anything the Aspen Art “Museum” has come up with. Talent and vision used to be the traits of a good artists. Beauty was the main ingredient of good art.

Are we hicks in the hills who need to told what is beautiful and what is not? I guess the local architects weren’t good enough to design “the Kleenex box” that was presented to the local city council. There probably isn’t enough talent around here to build the “museum”; maybe illegals will build it, because no one around here will “want” to.

A museum is a place with a permanent collection, or is this new “museum” a place where a few will dictate what is art and what will be shown?

How ’bout “Pig Fetus in Formaldehyde,” “The Empty Room,” or an installment of rocks randomly placed about the floor? That stuff would never make it in a “permanent collection” – no one would come back.

But what do I know?

Larry Lefner

Woody Creek

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